Theme 3 | Rare diseases

22q11.2 deletion syndrome

Therese van Amelsvoort

Prof Therese van Amelsvoort is professor of Transitional Psychiatry and consultant Psychiatrist at Maastricht University Medical Centre and currently heads the Division of Mental Health, School of Mental and Neuroscience of Maastricht University. She trained as a psychiatrist at The Maudsley Hospital / Institute of Psychiatry in London, UK (1994-2001).

She has had a longstanding interest in neurobiological mechanisms underlying psychosis and neurodevelopmental disorders, with a special interest in 22q11DS which she has been studying since 1997. Since 2012 she is working at Maastricht University Medical Centre, where she set up a multidisciplinary Adult 22q11DS clinic. She also is the initiator of @ease, the Dutch version of the successful Australian Headspace initiative, easy access youth mental health centers serving prevention and early detection. In addition, she runs (and initiated) a specialized youth mental health clinic bridging the gap between child & adolescence and adult services. She is part of several collaborative research networks including IBBC, ENIGMA, GROUP, PSYSCAN, MINDDS.

Anne Houtsma
I made this video with my coach in 2018. In 2017 I had to deal with a number of disappointments, including work, a cataract operation and a 5% reduction of the Wajong payment, which had a deep impact. After 3 years I am finally recovering from the depression!
website: annesimperfectworld
email: houtsmaanne@hotmail.nl
Anne Houtsma
I made the video below during the first lockdown last year. I often went out to cycle, which made me feel much better. The second lockdown is a lot harder for me, also due to the winter depression.

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